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Orlando, FL

Hello there , how are you doing ..? view more »

San Antonio, TX

Hi ! So my name is Sofiane i m French and i m in USA for severals mounths for my job.I d like to… view more »

Dallas, TX

I am quiet girl who's very easy going, who loves to have fun and has not given up on finding her sou… view more »

Houston, TX

A strict Southern Baptist upbringing and the vituperation of three older siblings somewhat character… view more »

Dallas, TX

I'm an easy going, low key person. I also enjoy helping people, especially kids. I'm looking for som… view more »

Phoenix, AZ

Well I am a military man stationed at Afghanistan Bagram am left with less than month to return bac… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

In life and when it comes to dating, It's impossible to know someone entirely on the first date. Get… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

hi. i am currently single. i have no kids by choice. i love kids but just never wanted any of my own… view more »

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Los Angeles, CA

I love to play outside! My passions include rock climbing, volleyball, and cycling. I'd like to find… view more »

Bell, CA

I love going for a good run in the mornings and after work. it serves two purposes: keeping me in sh… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

I'm warm, loyal, and fun lady. I like interesting, authentic, passionate people and I love people wh… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

I am a writer from Canada who has recently moved to the LA due to the incomparable opportunity here.… view more »

San Francisco, CA

:)))I work in healthcare, but interested in many other subjects. I have long term goals and amb… view more »

Denver, CO

A woman with sterling character, empathetic, very loyal, affectionate, considerate and kind. Someone… view more »

Baltimore, MD

I thought I filed one of these out match check the email. no offense to anyone reading this but this… view more »

Brooklyn, NY

I am an idealist who still believes society can someday work for everyone. "Mr Smith Goes to Washing… view more »

Englewood, CO

I am an active, energetic person who enjoys spending my free time listening to live music, exploring… view more »

Chicago, IL

Lookin for a babe who wants to have fun on the lake front bike trail followed by a drop at Starbucks… view more »

Aurora, CO

Hi I'm Mary..easy going and low key. A bit more about me I am looking for a romantic connection ju… view more »

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